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Being at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, Ngon Villa Saigon – located right smack in Ho Chi Minh’s central business district – exudes a haven of tranquility for diners who have a passion, and are always on the look out, for authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

The interiors of Ngon Villa Saigon transforms into a place of serenity, amid the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city life. Its windows open up to inspiring views of the lush garden and greenery, giving diners and guests a fresh start and/or glorious ending of their day.

Ngon Villa Saigon is a member of the Viet Deli group. The restaurant encapsulates the serenity and excellent service from which the Viet Deli Group is known for.

Ngon Villa Saigon offers its signature and innovative All-You-Can-Eat concept. The dining concept has made a mark among our diners in other Ngon Villa locations such as Hanoi, Hoi An, and Danang. Ngon Villa Saigon brings this tradition to Ho Chi Minh City, with a wide range of well-loved Vietnamese dishes served in small portions so guests can try and taste as many Vietnamese dishes as they can at a set price, and all conveniently served in front of their tables.

Each dish prepared at Ngon Villa Saigon is inspired with so much passion and dedication, served fresh, natural and delicious. Ngon Villa Saigon’s Executive Chef and his team of cooks create the best and most delicious Vietnamese dishes presented in an exquisite way, just the way you like it.

Apart from the All-You-Can-Eat concept, Ngon Villa Saigon also serves a variety of delectable a la carte dishes.


We try our best to give our guests the full Ngon Villa Saigon experience. We/Ngon Villa Saigon can host a private party for you, an intimate gathering with friends and loved ones, or a get-together for a big group.

For inquiries, bookings and reservations, please call (+84) 283939 3888

Choose from any of the following:

Up to 6 guests

Up to 25 guests

Up to 80 guests


Since you’ve come to love Vietnam and its culture, learning how to cook a basic home-cooked Vietnamese food could be a rewarding experience. Learn from the pro. Our Executive Chef will teach you how easy it is to prepare.

Ngon Villa Saigon’s Executive Chef will soon hold a cooking class for Vietnamese specialties that would be enjoyable and, easy to prepare. Learn how to cook spring rolls, salads, rice, noodle and meat dishes, taught no less by our world-class chefs.

Watch out for announcement for our upcoming classes.


  • Char-grilled pork paste cake on sugarcane
  • Deep-fried crispy squid
  • Grilled pork with local herbs
  • Seafood salad with local herb
  • Steamed clams with lemongrass and chili
  • Steamed red tilapia with soya sauce
  • Stir-fried crab with spicy tamarind sauce
  • Wok fried flower crab


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